What is You Pick It?
You Pick It, LLC is a fully self service salvage yard located in Elwood, KS, just a few minutes from Saint Joseph, Missouri. We provide you a yard packed full of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs of all years, makes, and models. For a small fee, of 2.00 dollars, you can enter our yard, find the parts you need, pull them yourself with your own tools, and save a little money.

Is there a charge to go look for parts?
Yes, a $2.00 fee is required to enter the yard area. Your $2.00 gets you entry into the yard until close of business that day.

Are there core charges?
Yes Some items have core charges. All cores must be emptied.

Can I bring a jack into the yard?
No, for saftey reasons we do not allow jacks into the yard. Someone can assist you in lifting a vehicle if needed.

Can I bring my child into the yard with me?
No, for safety reasons we do not allow anyone under 16 to enter the yard area.

What are your hours of operation?
Monday thru Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, excluding holidays.

Do you offer a warranty?
Most parts come with a 15 day warranty with original reciept. All exchanges must have our unique stamp that was placed at time of purchase. You may exchange parts, or receive a You Pick It store credit, placed on a gift card. Cash/Credit Card refunds are not offered. Tires, computers, switches and sensors are not covered under this policy.

Do you have interchange books?
No, we do not provide any guidance or advice on part interchangeability.

Do you sell tires?
Yes, come by and check out our selection.

Can I call and see if you have the part I need?
No, unfortunately due to our vast inventory we can not guarantee over the phone if a part is available.

Saftey Rules:
1. Upon entry of the yard all customers are required to sign a waiver. Everyone who enters the yard must be 16 years or older.
2. Alcohol and Drugs are prohibited from our facility. For safety reasons, if we question your intoxication level we may deny entry into the yard.
3. Attire: Everyone who enters must have closed toes shoes.
4. Do not move vehicles. If you have an issue pulling a part because of the location or height, please ask one of our staff for assistance.                             5. We charge an environmental fee on all parts sold.

All parts that are brought into the yard, must be stamped. If they are not you will be charged for them as you exit.

We provide wheel barrels, for customer use.
Please leave saws, torches and jacks at home. We inspect all toolboxes that enter the yard, and do not allow these items. Thank you.